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Welcome to Saint Matthew School

Thank you for choosing us!

Nothing matters to us more than providing excellence in education to our students, and we are not letting anything get in the way. By switching to "live" online lessons, we continue to deliver a comprehensive curriculum and ensure our students don't miss a moment of learning.


We will be accompanying you during this very important stage for you and your children, in a personalized admission process in order to be enriching, with positive experiences and we know the expectations of each family who visit us. If you would like information on how to join San Mateo, we would love to invite you to an open virtual day where you can meet us and we can learn about your child and their needs. Fill out the form and we will contact you back to schedule an appointment.


Garden to 10°

If you need additional information, call us at 317 3913279 or 676 0885 ext 101 or write to


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