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San Mateo School

Our focus is to empower individual abilities and grow a love for knowledge, creativity, academics, sports excellence and values which are fundamental in our school.

Our learning model is based in:

  • Student-centred active learning, experience and experimentation.
  • Critical thinking and research projects.
  • Analytical and logical thinking developed through programmes at the Centre for Applied Technology (CAT) and the robotics lab.
  • Problem solving and connections between academic and real situations.
  • Efficient communication, promoting the command of verbal and written language in Spanish, English and French.
  • Cultural immersion programme in Canada.
  • Respect for the environment, culture and society as part of their legacy to new generations.
  • Cultivation of arts and sports and motivating students with special talents and high-performance athletes.
  • Spiritual growth and values inculcated through years of schooling reflected in pastoral programmes, social service and social entrepreneurship.
Saint Matthew School is a Cambridge certified school, an accreditation which gives us access to a unique range of teaching and learning resources, professional development opportunities and a world-class curriculum. We are also accredited by Character Counts in ethics and performance values.


Since its foundation, Saint Matthew School has been a bilingual (English and Spanish) school of the highest quality and, additionally, our students learn French from 4th to 9th grade. It is our belief as an institution that mastering different languages and taking part in immersion programmes opens doors to new opportunities and sources of knowledge for our students.


This immersion programme in Canada takes place in 7th-grade, where students, accompanied by school teachers, spend 5 to 7 weeks in Canada attending Canadian schools and staying with local families for an appreciation of the country and its culture.;


Our work focuses not only on the development of a logical mentality and the solution of problems but also seeks to enhance the analytical-logical thinking of our students through technology.

CAT (Centre for Applied Technology):

We have an Applied Technology Centre with the highest international standards that offer our students the opportunity to learn robotics, programming, 3D printing and other cutting-edge technologies

Our CAT is equipped with all the necessary elements to create an ideal space for learning using technology.

Robotics Program:

Our students work with robotics kits where through programming they can create a sequence, control the movement of an engine or a car and understand the operation of a traffic light.

Thanks to this programme our students understand how the world around us functions and are motivated to continue learning and creating through programming.


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