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We believe that the arts are a fundamental factor in the education of our students, which is why we offer classes in Plastic Arts, Music (instrumental, violin and singing), Dance and Theater. With the support of qualified teachers in each of these areas, we allow our students to recognise their capabilities and demonstrate their talent. This, in turn, transforms them into sentient and expressive beings, who are able to communicate in different ways with the world around them.


(For Primary and High School)

Music Hall

Our music hall is equipped with different musical instruments allowing the children to explore their musical potential from their preliminary years of schooling.

Dance Room

A fully equipped class is available, boasting the highest international standards in teaching dance.

Auditorium & Drama

At Saint Matthew School we have two creative spaces for the arts, the first is the auditorium with a stage that allows our students to present their work and develop their expression in real-world situations. The second is a rehearsal room, fully equipped with equipment and mirroring the highest international standards in theatre education.

Art Room

Each section of the art rooms consists of two well-lit and well-stocked rooms to inspire artistic creativity.

Recording Studio

We have a state-of-the-art recording studio, which allows our students to perform audio and video recording and editing.


(For Primary and High School)

UCB Artistic Festival

The UCB Artistic Festival affords students an opportunity to share artistic and cultural experiences with different schools.

Comparsas Festival

During October, in celebration of Student’s Day, children choreograph and perform their own dances for the community.

UCB Choir

Students representing the UCB Schools assemble for a annual festive Christmas choir performance to celebrate the season.

Saint Matthew School's Got Talent

As its name explains students are presented with the opportunity to showcase their talents in various disciplines. This allows the school to celebrate and nurture the diverse range of talent the kids possess.

Christmas Carols

This is a very special day where the community celebrates Christmas as one big family.

MADD Fest (Music, Art, Drama, Dance Festival)

Towards the end of the year, our students produce and take part in a festival which showcases different forms of artistic expression.


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