Choosing the best school for your child is a life changing decision. Your family can be part of San Mateo. These are the steps.

Before applying to San Mateo School, we encourage you to become acquainted with our educational philosophy.

It is very important for us to be able to contribute to parents’ decision when choosing the school they dream for their children. The admission process in San Mateo School is intended to get to know the candidate from different points of view so that we can evaluate the fit with the institution and better identify which tools this specific person needs to become a better citizen.

At San Mateo School we consider the future student and his family as a whole. Along the 12 years in which the family is an active part of our community, we build a strong bond that allows us to work as a team and help us raise a human being with a strong foundation of moral values and passionate about life, looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Before starting the process, we encourage you to read about our history, staff, services and facilities. If you happen to see yourself and your child as part of our community and our educational project, we would like to welcome you to our admissions process.

Go ahead and start the process to become part of our family by visiting us or writing to

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Address: Calle 215 #50-24, Bogotá, Colombia