Admission to other school grades


Admission to other school grades


Our Philosophy

Before applying to San Mateo Apóstol School, we encourage you to become acquainted with our philosophy.

It is very important for us to be able to contribute to parents’ decision when choosing the school they dream for their children. The admission process in San Mateo Apóstol School is intended to get to know the candidate from different points of view so that we can evaluate the fit with the institution and better identify what are the tools that this specific person needs to become a better citizen.

In San Mateo Apóstol School we consider the future student and his family as a whole. Along the 12 years in which the family is an active part of our community, we build a strong bond that allows us to work as a team raising a human being with a strong foundation of moral values and passion for life looking forward to a bright future ahead.

Before starting the process, we encourage you to read about our history, staff, services and facilities. If you happen to see yourself and your child as part of our community and our educational project, we would like to welcome you to our admissions process.

Go ahead and start the process to become part of our family by visiting us or writing to

Proceso de Admisión

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Entry Requirements

In order to start the admissions process we suggest you get in contact with us so we can inform you better about our requirements.

We advise you to get information about the age requirements, the school level, theand the availability for the grade you are applying for, among others. Please contact us to the following telephone numbers 6761172, 6760885, 6762900, or email us to

When fulfilling the basic requirements, you will have the opportunity to personally meet the school’s General Coordinator in order to get further information about our Educational Program and solve any raising doubts. These informative sessions are held on Thursdays mornings at 8 a.m. In case you are not able to assist, we will schedule a visit for you when it is more convenient.

Informative Session

The school’s Coordinator will provide you with further information about the school and our admissions process.

We consider every new student as a particular case and therefore we will give you personal advise during the informative session. You will also be able to visit our Campus and finally acquire an admission’s form at the front desk.

Completing the form

Once you have your Admissions Form, you must complete it, attach a picture of your son or daughter and bring in the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage certificate (Either Catholic or Civil Marriage)
  • Good standing certificate granted by the previous school.
  • Records from previous schools.

Note: Please note that in case your child has previously attended an international institution, the certificates must be translated and undergo legalization with signature and seal of competent authorities.

Submitting the Admission Form

The Admissions Form must be submitted at the school’s front desk, from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 5 pm.

The Admissions Committee will review your application and if requirements are met, your child will be invited for an academic assessment. The school will schedule it and the candidate will be kindly requested to assist in order to continue with the process.

Academic Assessment

The Academic Assessment is meant to determine your child’s competences according to our school’s level. The goal is to acknowledge how to better support him or her in the transition from the previous institution to our school.

The students applying for Primary School will be assessed in Mathematics, English and Spanish. High School students will be assessed in the same subjects and additionally in Science and Social studies.

The school will take three working days to make a decision whether our institution is the most appropriate for your child.

If so, the family will be kindly requested to participate in a set of interviews with the school’s Principal, with the Psychologist y Department and with the Director of Internal Affairs.

Family Interview

When the Admissions Committee grants an opportunity to the child, the family is kindly requested to participate in a set of interviews with the school’s Principal, with the Psychologist y Department and with the Director of Internal Affairs.

During these meetings we will provide the family with further information about our philosophy and policies by contextualizing them in our student life. Additionally we will delve into your family’s dynamics and we will identify how you see yourselves within the philosophy of our institution. We will also solve any doubts you still have and further prepare you for the new life path you will start at our school.

By the end of the interview you will receive the enrollment envelop at the Admissions Office.

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Address: Calle 215 #50-24, Bogotá, Colombia