Entering Preschool


Entering Preschool


 Your child can also join San Mateo Apóstol School.

There will be informative sessions taking place in our Open Day, running on September, one year in advance. During this day we will solve any doubts and advice you on the upcoming deadlines so that you can schedule yourself for the process. .

Proceso de Admisión

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Visiting the school

Every year in San Mateo Apóstol School, we have an Open Day where we hold informative sessions to solve any doubts parents have about the admissions process.

Although the Open Day sessions This happens to be in September every year and you must attend one year in advance. Parents are welcome to take a tour through our campus and they can also get the form for applying.
Take a look at our event calendar here

Admission Form

Feel free to acquire the form during the Open Day, or otherwise you can get it during a scheduled visit when required. It has to be fully filled in and handed in according to the established dates.

Internally, the form will be given to the Admissions Committee that will evaluate whether it was properly filled in.

Family Interview

We encourage families to solve their doubts and be well informed about the educational project we have planned for the 12 years in which you will be a part of our community.

During the meeting, the objective of the Admissions Committee is to get to know the children and their families in an integral way. Afterwards, the information will be analyzed and you will be notified about future important dates on the admission process.


If selected, you must learn the dates and procedures for enrollment.

The enrollment takes place during the second half of the year, so that children start in August. On this day you need to make all the required payments and acquire the uniforms and books.

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Address: Calle 215 #50-24, Bogotá, Colombia