About us


About us


About us

We are a private and Catholic bilingual school, starting in August. We complement our educational program with services that contribute to the well being of your children and the community around them.

This is just a glimpse into our student life:

Cutting-edge Technology

Our students have the best technology at hand. We have smart classrooms, e-books, virtual networks, computer rooms and audiovisual projection equipment that promote students autonomy and keep them up to date with the current and rapid changing challenges of the world.

Health and Dental Care

Besides a nurse for any medical emergency, we also have the Mateísta Sano program; a dentist guarantees the dental health of our students. This program is tailored to every student needs—either dentistry or orthodontics.


In our comfortable lunchroom we can serve up to 450 people everyday.

We offer balanced menus always keeping on top of mind the children’s health; therefore we don’t serve any soft drinks and we use as many organic ingredients as possible. We prepare food at the highest standards of quality and comply with the Colombian legal framework.

You can download the menu for this month here.

School buses

We own our school buses; this allows us to have more control over the transportation of our students from the school to their homes, as well as to follow up on the maintenance of the buses, and the expertise of the drivers. This by far guarantees children’s safety. Furthermore, we have caring bus assistants who professionally supervise children. We also comply with the legislation and keep up with the standards established by Ruta Pila

Schoolpack School Management System

Are you curious to know how your child is doing at school? Schoolpack software is in our cloud, and it allows parents to keep track of the education of their children by having access to every academic and formative record during the year. Not only you, but also the whole community is up to date on the educational progress of the student.

Our Campus

Built in the outskirst of the city on a 30.000 m2 plot of land, San Mateo Apostol School has its campus located in the Northern part of Bogotá; it can be easily accessed by taking the Highway Autopista Norte from North to South and making a right on the 215 street. Just beside you will see Grimm’s Kindergarten.

Find us in the following address: calle 215 #50-24

In this beautiful campus we have built all the necessary facilities to provide quality education to our students, who graduate with all the tools to face every possible challenge and be the leaders of the XXI century.

Our campus is immersed in a natural environment; there are specialized sports fields, playgrounds and bleachers for 1.200 people. We also have special rooms for dancing, arts and music; the latter is fully equipped with instruments so that children explore their artistic talents.

We also have a theater available, an up to date library with books and publications in various languages, interactive rooms and two Internet channels with a wide range bandwidth and Wi-Fi.

Every classroom in our school has smart boards, audiovisual projection systems and a computer. The chemistry and physics labs are provided with cutting-edge technology equipment to awaken the scientific curiosity in our students and to guarantee the highest quality in education.

We have a greenhouse meant to create an interest in nature and biology through experiential learning. Furthermore, we contribute to the environment by following sustainable practices that set an example for our students. For instance, we implement a water treatment process that reduces our impact on the environment.

In addition we have a system of cameras and television to extend our security standards.

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Address: Calle 215 #50-24, Bogotá, Colombia