Educational Project


Educational Project

If the pursuit of excellence allows us to reach ambitious objectives, then sports are the best way to promote our Educational Project.

Sports demand excellence, discipline and teamwork. It is the most tangible way to overcome our own limitations working towards a great goal. We promote clean competition and a dynamic lifestyle in order to raise integral human beings.

We have a whole program of sports training that comprises football, basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. In our extensive campus, we have sports fields available for every kind of practice and bleachers accommodating 1.200 visitors. Furthermore, we have established partnerships with Cafam Club, which is nearby, so that our students can also practice water sports, skating and taekwondo among others.

Following the British model, San Mateo Apóstol School is organized in four Student Houses that compete all year round in diverse fields including sports and arts. This system contributes to teamwork, leadership skills but mostly it helps to build a community with a sense of belonging.

NEMGATARed Color and Fire Element

Fire represents great power, an element that has been essential to social evolution.

JICSHANAGreen Color and Earth Element
It represents the tree of life, harmony, growth; a permanent search for fruits.

SIEBlue Color and Water Element
Water means life and represents greatness, calmness, peace, and perseverance.

FIJIZCAYellow Color and Air Element
The Air conducts and induces change. It means transformation, renovation and the constant change in the human being.

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

Address: Calle 215 #50-24, Bogotá, Colombia