Educational Project

Character Education

Educational Project

Character Education

Educational Project

Integral education, moral values and personality

Though we support our students to strive for academic excellence, we are well aware this has no use if it is not integrated with a personal training where moral values are the axis. Honesty, respect and commitment towards society are vital values within our Educational Project.

At San Mateo School we firmly believe that successful people are the ones that have learned how to make all the necessary efforts to accomplish their goals. This focus on discipline, persistence and the pursuit of excellence, has led us to forge better human beings who endeavor for overcoming their own limitations and for having a positive impact on society. What we want as an educational institution is to lead our students to the transcendence of the human being.

Such an ambitious goal is only achieved by having the principles of the Catholic Church as a framework so that everything we do within our Educational Project contributes to build a strong spirit through strong moral values.

In our school, religion is an integral part of our institution and therefore it is our lifestyle. We have our own chapel and a priest who is always available to contribute to the spiritual life of our students so that they grow up with a strong background within the boundaries of the Catholic Church.

Our Values

Our Educational Project is a holistic program integrating all the values that forge an exceptional citizen who is committed with society and that works day by day to create a better world.

For the last 30 years we have identified five essential values that are emphasized all along our students’ education:

  • Honesty: An underlying principle, which is absolutely necessary to build a fair society. We dedicate to instill in our students the importance of honesty and we encourage them to stand up for truth and justice.
  • Respect: This is the first step towards building harmonious relationships. It means acknowledging the rights of our fellows, always keeping in mind to establish reciprocal relationships that benefit everyone. We instill respect as the underlying principle for coexisting.
  • Commitment: This is the substance that feeds the pursuit of excellence. Commitment to both, oneself and the others, is the basic principle for a leader.
  • Autonomy: This is the ability to manage oneself and to be thorough. Our objective is to raise people who are capable of leading and building new realities by their own means and initiative.
  • Solidarity: This principle is imperative for building a better society. In San Mateo Apóstol School we promote solidarity, fraternity and empathy among students so that they care about their community always seeking a common well-being.

These are the main values we strive for in our institution. Thanks to them we have educated many generations of leaders that stand out among peers due to their human qualities and their professional excellence; committed citizens that contribute every day to a better world.

Colegio San Mateo Apóstol

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