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Being a Cambridge School guarantees a curriculum that is instructed and assessed in line with the requirements of the University of Cambridge for Mathematics, Science and English. This strengthens our trilingualism (English and French), allows for systematic assessments throughout the process to monitor progress and facilitates our students’ preferential access to national and foreign universities.


We are accredited with a EFQM Model 3-star certificate, which evaluates our processes against the standards of excellence as accepted by the European Community. To maintain our certification, we conduct an annual self-assessment of how we manage all of our processes and operations. Thus, we ensure that upon graduation, our students have a quality education in line with international standards that allow them to perform better in the professional world.

Character Counts

The school incorporated the International Character Counts Programme as its strategy for forming values in 2016 and 2017. This programme articulates how best to practice these values in order to provide a comprehensive education for our students. In order for this to be effective, Saint Matthew School requires that the formation and practice of values be a binding agreement between the school and each family that becomes part of the family.

The International Character Counts programme focuses on the academic, social and emotional training of students, teachers and families around six pillars, namely:

a. Trust
b. Respect
c. Responsibility
d. Justice
e. Sensitivity
f. Citizenship

Sapiens Research Group

We are recognised amongst the 15 best schools in Colombia for quality results and accreditations, with very high scores in the Saber Tests 11.


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